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Power BI Overiew Course for Marketers

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About this course

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Course Structure

Getting to Know Power BI

If you are looking for a job and need to learn Power BI this is the perfect course for you. In this course you will learn Power BI using Facebook marketing data.

Your First Graphs and Homework

This is the second part of the Power BI course you will learn more about the interface and create visuals and answer the homework question with Power BI native visuals.

Heirarchies and Drilling

Learn about data hierarchies and drilling in Power BI. Also answer the 2nd homework question.

Custom Hierarchies

Learn how to make your own hierachies in Power Bi which allows you to drill and set up your data for drilling. You will get additional homework questons.

Slicers and Filters

Learn how to use slicers and filters in Power BI to present a different context to your data. Homework question 5.

Styling Charts

Learn how to use the Format Pane to sytle your charts with themes, lables, colors and size. Homework: What the percent of females who converted in Campaign 1?

Calculated Columns

Learn the importance of a Calculated Column and how to create them in Power BI. Howework: Which ad managers had the highest total daily sales?

Replacing Values

Learn how to use the essential Find and Replace feature in Power BI.

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