How to Delete Every Other Row in Excel

We all know that you can manually delete rows in excel by simply highlighting them and choosing to right click and selecting delete. However, this is a long a tedious task. However, adding the level of complexity of deleting every other row can be much more challenging. Luckily, there are some easy to follow tips to achieve this. The steps below will show you how to quickly delete every other row.

Helper Column” Method to Remove Alternating Rows

In this technique we going to use helper column and the filter functionality to delete the rows we want. A helper column will help us to identify every other row for deletion. We will create an alternating pattern of values which would help us filter every other row. This could be “0” and “1” or “True” and “False”. Follow the steps below.

Steps to Filter and Delete Every Other Row

  1. Create a new column by name it “Helper” or whatever you like
  2. Create an alternating value pattern in the cells. “ON” and “OFF” and fill the cells
  3. Highlight the Helper column and click Filter from the top ribbon.
  4. Click the down filter and unselect one of your options and Click OK
  5. Highlight the table rows and right click to choose Delete Rows.
  6. Remove Filter.

Create a Helper Column with alternating values

You can create any alternating pattern and simply drag it down. This helper column will be the base for our alternating row filter.

Filter the data on one of the Alternating Values

Once you have the filter, you can just select one of the alternatives.

Delete the Rows that you have selected.

Remove the Filter

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