Data Dashboards

Every Decision Should Be Powered By Data!

Google Analytics Dashboard

This scalable Google Analytics dashboard that allows you to easily port different accounts to the same dashboard.

Health Industry Dashboard

This was made for the health industry to highlight diabetes penetration by state within the United States over time.  This dashboard was created with Power BI.

Marketing Dashboard

Marketing Dashboard that was created using Tableau and Alteryx. This provides a forecast that will allow the users to quickly discover ROI per channel.

E-sport Dashboard

This dashboard highlights the overall earnings for E-Sports gamers around the world and by game. This dashboard was created using data collected online and published in Power BI.

Adwords Dashboard

Adwords Dashboard

This is a portable AdWords dashboard that can be plugged into any Adwords accoun export. 

Classroom Failure Rates Dashboard

The challenge here was to find all the contributing factors for a failure rates in the classroom. The dashboard is powered with AI functionality to determine the key contributors. The dashboard was created with Power BI.

Department Dashboard

This is a project completion dashboard that move from inception to finance. This give the users the ability to monitor project life cycle over time. This was created in Power BI.

Starbucks Data Story

This dashboard tracks the stores opened by Starbucks around the globe. There data was piped into Tableau and fashioned into a data story.

Anomaly Detection Dashboard

 I tried to create a more approachable way to visualize the anomaly detection results from the unsupervised machine learning model, Isolation Forest. I thought providing an algorithm explanation from the SciKit Learn site and moving toward a report style rather than a dashboard might make it easier to digest.

Brewery System Dashboard

The dashboard was created to highlight status of brewery machinery with alerts and status updates. This dashboard was built with Power BI. Additionally, using SVGs which allowed the diagram of the machinery to be imported

Facebook Ads Dashboard

Facebook Ads dashboard that allow the user to explore overall ROI for ads sent to specific areas around the United States. This was created Power BI.

App Store Dashboard

This is a dashboard which features the top 10,000 Apps by install in Google App Store. This dashboard was created with Tableau. 

Dashboard Help

If you need help or dashboard consultation, resolve DAX calculation issues, or predictive logic integration with Python, please reach out to us. 

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