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How to Check Google Tag Manager is Working

After installing Google Tag Manager, you want to ensure it is completing the task that is designed to do which is fire tags. So, you should routinely perform a quality check to check that its firing the script tags. Here are a few techniques that will help you to check the GTM container. Use Google […]

E-Commerce Tracking with Google Tag Manager

Tracking conversions from your website’s store or payment gateway is extremely important to not only record your sales but to also identify where your transactions are coming from.  To bring this data into Google Analytics, e-commerce tracking needs to be enable and setup. Implementing E-commerce Tracking with Google Tag Manager will take a few steps:  Enabling […]

Install Hotjar with Google Tag Manager

Installing Hotjar has just gotten better and easier with a native template. Previously, you had to install this script with a custom HTML tag in Google Tag Manager. The this can done in 4 easy steps  in three phases. Take a look at the diagram below in order to see how to set this up.   […]

How to Install Facebook Pixel with Google Tag Manager

Facebook has changed there pixel to include both conversion and custom audience. Previously, these two elements were separated.  Installing the new pixel will allow you immediately start defining an audience for remarketing and track conversions.  Additionally, the improved pixel code can be customized to capture certain actions on your website.  Installing the conversion pixel with […]

Cross Domain Tracking in Google Analytics and GTM

Google Tag Manager makes it very easy to set up cross domain tracking. Traditionally, without a tag management platform, the Google analytics code had to be altered  to share data between the two domains. If you don’t have a tag manager you modify your existing code script by adding. You can access the code by […]

Google Tag Manager Overview

What is Google Tag Manager Used For? This is the million dollar question. Essentially, this tool is used to track data on your website using small snippets of code also known as tags.  Google Tag Manager is a platform that allows you to manage all these tags without the need of your development team. What […]

Track PDF Downloads in Google Tag Manager

There are a few ways to track PDF Downloads in Google Tag Manager. However, for this example, I would like to use a click listener method. We will generate an event each time someone clicks a PDF link. Tracking the actual download isn’t necessary because many people will simply view the PDF file  in the […]

Phone Call Tracking with Google Tag Manager

There are several ways to track website calls. You can track call button clicks using event tracking with Google Analytics or an event listener in Google Tag Manager. Whether you use a tag management option or amended code, this will require that you amend to your website to have the proper markup for telephone calls. […]

How to Adjust Bounce Rate with Google Tag Manager

Bounce rate is an excellent metric for gauging your visitor interest, testing landing pages, improving your acquisition strategy and much much more. However, bounce rate can be very misleading.  Content based website usually have high time on page due to return users.  These loyal users usually leave after consuming a new post thus driving up the bounce […]