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Find tutorials for bidding strategies and optimization in the Adwords platform.

Enterprise Adwords Quality Score Analysis with Tableau.

Check out Adwords Checklist Adwords Account Analysis by Quality score 1. Account Health 2. Ad Group Analysis 3. Keyword Analysis Whenever, a new account comes my way. I try to determine the account health by analyzing the quality score. There has been a lot of debate on account level quality score. However, Google has not […]

Adwords Audit Checklist: 9 Ways to Improve Campaigns

When taking over an account it’s important to define your objectives. Is it traffic or conversion that you are after? Since most campaigns’ value is based on conversion, this article will be looking at how to optimize an account to increase conversion and leads. Adopt an mindset on perpetual improvement in order to create the […]

DayParting: Using Adwords Ad Schedule Feature with Excel

Determining when you should optimize your Adwords ad schedule and spending are a critical part of campaign management. This practice is commonly known as DayParting. There are several ways to determine when you should be maximizing or minimizing bid adjustments. Lets dive into how to discover your most profitable hour of the day and day […]