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SQL Where String Contains Substring

In this tutorial, you will find out many ways to find substrings in SQL regardless of the DBMS. We will cover conventional operators like ‘LIKE’, ‘CONTAINS’, ‘CHARINDEX’, and many others. So buckle up and get started or just scroll to find the exact way to use find exactly where strings contain substring Watch The Video […]

Using COALESCE in SQL: A Beginner’s Guide

What is the COALESCE Function in SQL? Coalesce is essentially a NULL killer. If you have a dataset in SQL that has a lot of NULL values, we can use COALESCE function to replace the NULL values. However, COALESCE is a versatile SQL function that can be used in a wide range of scenarios where […]

How to Use SQL Window Functions

These are a set of functions which help in applying aggregation/ranking functions over a subset of records from the entire records of a table. Pease note, this function only creates an additional column in the “select” result set. The original data in the table remains intact. Elements of a Window Function When preforming Widows functions, […]

How to PIVOT in SQL

Pivot – This keyword in MS SQL Server is used to convert the rows to columns for a table and perform aggregations on a specific column. Please note, this keyword will not be able to remove/impact records from the table. It only interchanges the rows to columns in the output result set only. The original […]

How to Find Outliers in SQL

Finding outliers in your data is easier than you think. You can use statistics concepts to identify the threshold where outliers may fall. One of the most accurate ways is to use the Z-Score.  This score is composed of the mean, standard deviation, and current value.  You see from the image below how this is […]

How to Create a VLOOKUP

If you are a data analyst or any professional who uses Excel, you may need to create a Vlookup. So before I begin with showing you how to create a Vlookup, let’s get down to to the details of what one is. What is a Vlookup? Vlookup allows a user to lookup the value that […]

SQL MUST Interview Questions & Answers (Level 1 MYSQL)

These questions cover what data analysts would face at an entry-level to the intermediate range for SQL. Depending on the organization and role, the requirement for SQL knowledge may increase. However, these will cover the main concepts from joins, subqueries, grouping, alias, and filtering. You can practice all these SQL queries on our free platform: […]

Data Analysis for Beginners | An Easy Guide

Data Analytics vs Data Science Let’s first help you to define the difference between these two terms. Data analytics is a strategy-based science that can help you analyze raw data, allowing for trend detection and answering questions. Data analysis helps you to draw the right conclusions from a huge batch of data. Moreover, it helps […]

Alteryx for Beginners

Summary: In this article “Alteryx for Beginners”, we are going to learn how to use Alteryx and some of the key data skills (like blend, filter, analyze etc.) Following are the topics that, I am going to mention in this article you can also try out the Alteryx A to Z BootCamp Course with Real […]

How to Build Google Analytics User Personas & Profiles

Building a Google Analytics Personas or  Customer Profile is an essential practice that all marketers should use. This profile can be quickly created using Google Analytics and Excel. However, it must be said that there are issues with data collected from Google Analytics such as this data is just a sample. However, the sample size […]