The Best Courses to Learn Tableau

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The Best Courses to Master Tableau Visualisations and Data Mining

Tableau can be a very tricky tool if you don’t have some experience with BI tools like Excel. However, there are tons of good courses that will allow you quickly adopt the skills need to become a Tableau Master. Here are the best course to learn Tableau for Cheapest to Most Expensive.

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Tableau 10 A-Z Hands on Training for Data Science

Review: By far, one of the most popular online Tableau 10 courses.It’s no surprise the quality of instruction is excellent and it’s one of the most cost effective courses on the market.

  • Popularity: 5 star reviews from 1823 students
  • Price: Low Cost and Effective Classroom Alternative
  • Instructor: Excellent instructor who provides tips and tricks
  • Resources: Real life Data Science examples
  • Time to Complete: 2 weeks

Tableau 10 Advanced Training: Master Tableau in Data Science

Review: IMHO. this is the best course to increase your skills significantly. However, you need to have the basic Tableau skills to get the best out this jam packed course.

  • Popularity: 4.5 from 453 reviews.
  • Price: Low Cost
  • Resources: Deep big data examples that mimic common business issues.
  • Instructor: Extremely competent instructor who provides a wide selection of skills.
  • Time to Complete: Completion time 2 weeks

Data Visualization and Communication with Tableau

Review: For people who are looking for a certification and an academic style,this is a logical choice for those who like homework and peer review. This class is taught by Duke University.

  •  Popularity: Ratings on platform: 4.6 out of 5
  •  Price: Cost Effective
  •  Resources: Access to real world data set.
  • Instructor: Heavy emphasis on theory and peer review
  • Completion Time:  5 weeks

Tableau Classroom Training

Review: These Tableau training have the very mixed results. Both the student levels and teacher vary in terms of the level of knowledge.  So, you run the risk of being stuck in a class that too fast or too slow. Unless your company sponsors payment for these course, the expense is far too great.

  • Popularity:  Low
  •  Price: Very Expensive about $2000 USD
  •  Resources: Tableau dummy data
  • Instructor: Heavy emphasis on theory and peer review
  • Completion Time:  2 days