Connect Tableau to Excel 101

Connecting Tableau to Excel is an easy step process. You will need to create a new data source and choose Excel worbook in question. Follow the steps below:

  1. Open Tableau
  2. Click the Connect the Data link in the top right corner of the Data Pane.
  3. The Connect window will open, choose Excel. 
  4. Navigate to the Excel workbook in your save location.
  5. After choosing the workbook, you will see the Excel workbook sheets under connections.
  6. You can find the individual sheets under the connection

Excels connections in Tableau


Once you are connected to the Excel, you will need to drag  table data sheets from Excel into the window. If the tables in your Excel sheets have a common field, you will be able to join them using Tableau’s join feature.

Cleaning up your Excel Data with Tableau

If the Excel data that you imported into Excel is not align or not formatted correctly, you can use Data Interpreter to clean the data. To use the Data interpreter, you can find this located under the Sheets heading. Click the text heading. You an undo or review the changes the interpreter has made to your Excel sheet. If you choose to review it, you will see how the data is formatted in Excel.

To start manipulating your data you can read the how-to guide for dimensions and measures.