Data Analysis for Complete Beginners

Data analysis and data sciences often seems like an overly complex fields. Like everything and like in science, we can make things understandable by breaking them down to their base elements. When you are switching careers into data analysis, its important to learn the essential steps in an analysis roadmap. If you are a complete beginner, the below steps and video will show you how to approach this science as a band new practitioner.

Data Analysis Roadmap MUST:

  1. Don’t Dive into Data Immediately.
  2. Ask WHW ( What, Why When, and How ) questions.
  3. Identify the Metric of Success.
  4. Create a Data Story

It’s essential that you don’t just get an Excel document and try to analyze things. This is a recipe for analysis paralysis and wasted time. You should ask these questions prior to analysis:

Data Analysis Essential Questions:

  1. What is the problem?
  2. Why do we need to fix the problem?
  3. What does success and failure look like for this analysis?
  4. What data is needed to perform the analysis?

What is your Metric of Success?

If you can identify your metric of success, you narrow your analysis down to specific point that will allow you to identify what data is needed for you to answer the essential business questions. Also how is this metric of success tied to the overall business goals.

Start your first real data analysis from the video below: