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Enterprise Adwords Quality Score Analysis with Tableau.

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Adwords Account Analysis by Quality score

1. Account Health
2. Ad Group Analysis
3. Keyword Analysis

Whenever, a new account comes my way. I try to determine the account health by analyzing the quality score. There has been a lot of debate on account level quality score. However, Google has not confirmed this as metric. So, we will be evaluating the quality score of ad groups and keywords.

Ad groups quality scores are computed using the averages of all the keyword in them. So simply looking at the number of keywords and quality scores can be misleading. Google doesn’t care how many keywords you have in a ad group. They care about the impressions because this is ultimately how they make money, eCPM. So, we want to calculate an weighed quality score by normalizes averages. You can do this in Excel with pivot tables and using the formula Quality Scores * Impressions/ Impression for each ad groups. Using a scatter plot can show you differences in averages and normalized quality scores. Using a trend line, we can see all data points above the line are positive differences and those below show differences in quality scores indicating that the average is higher than the weighted quality scores.

Ad Group Analysis with Weighted Quality Score

An healthy account should have at least, 70% ad groups at a quality score of 7 or higher. Anything under 7 can be used for improvement. If you have a healthy account you can think about taking some risk and using broad keywords. The goal here is to find ad groups with high spends but low quality scores. Once you’ve identified these ad groups, you can think moving into a deeper analysis of keywords.

Lastly Analyze Keywords Quality Scores.

This is an easy win, you should identify any keywords with high spends and high impressions but low quality scores.  You should evaluate the keywords by impression and cost. A scatter plot will allow you to quickly identify any outliers. You can take a lot of steps to improve quality scores at the keyword level. Here are some of best ways to improve quality scores by industry experts.