Does Height Affect Becoming the President

Open the dashboard below and interact with the data.

This dashboard shows all the presidential election by nominee and winner. The height of each candidate is listed. Unsurprisingly due to better nutrition and medicine, the presidents have grown in height.

The largest disparity exist in the last presidential election when 6’3″ Donald Trump the current US president ran against barely 5’4 inch Hilary Clinton. However, she was James Madison was only 5’4. As well known revolutionary president Abraham Lincoln towers over the competition at 6’4. George Washington was excluded because he essentially didn’t have an opposing candidate.

Who is the Tallest President?

Who is the tallest president

This dashboard was created using Microsoft Power BI. The data was sourced from Wikipedia. George Washington was excluded because he essentially didn't have an opposing candidate. The data was transformed into a tidy data set prior to visualization.