How to Add Axis Labels in Excel

Axis labels are going to give your audience a clear understanding of your Excel charts. So it’s super important that you add these for clarity. Luckily in Excel, this is super easy to do. Firstly, you need to create a graph or bar chart.

  1. Create a visual by highlighting the data and inserting a chart.
  2. Click on the graph image and then + sign to open the Chart Elements.
  3. Choose Axes Titles to show the axis titles on the graph.
  4. Click on the Axis Title to Change the default font.
  5. Type or Replace the text.

When you are trying to add axis titles you need to create a graph first

Use the Axis title options to add the axis options by clicking in the graph and clicking the plus sign for the options

You can easily change the title for the axis by clicking into them

As you can see in the final image, I have changed the axis and the title to better reflect what is in the graph. Now that you have the axis titles, you can further style them with the Format Axis Title Options. To format the axis title by changing colors and styles, follow the instructions below:

  1. Right-Click the Axis Title.
  2. Click Format Axis Title.
  3. Access the Format Axis Title Options on the Right Border of Excel.
  4. Click on the Icons to Change the Options.

You can change the color and style with the Format Axis Options

There are text options for the Format Axis Options that you can use to change the Axis legends

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