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How to Install Facebook Pixel with Google Tag Manager

Facebook has changed there pixel to include both conversion and custom audience. Previously, these two elements were separated.  Installing the new pixel will allow you immediately start defining an audience for remarketing and track conversions.  Additionally, the improved pixel code can be customized to capture certain actions on your website.  Installing the conversion pixel with GTM is the preferred option. However, there aren’t any major disadvantages to installing this without a tag management solution.

Watch Video Guide on Facebook Pixel Installation



Here are the steps to install Facebook Pixel via Google Tag Manager.  (Alternatively, you can reach your Facebook Pixel by typing: www.facebook.com/ads/manager/pixel

  1. Go to your Facebook Account. 
  2. Open your Ad Manager.
  3. Choose the Pixel Tab.
  4. Create a Pixel  and Name it.
  5. Agree to the terms of condition.
  6.  Click Action, choose View Pixel.
  7. Copy the PIxel and Open Google Tag Manger.
  8. In Google Tag Manager, choose a Tag —> Tag Configuration–> Custom HTML.
  9. Paste the Facebook Pixel into HTML section and Name Your tag.
  10. Click Triggering. choose All Pages.
  11. Save and Publish.

Facebook pixel includes both custom audiences and conversion. Ensure that its fired on all pages.

Preview and Debug Mode

Fora quality check ,you should logged into your debug console by choose preview and debug mode. Go to the website that the pixel is installed on and see if the code is firing on a page view.

Check to see if the Facebook Pixel is loaded correctly

Using Facebook Pixel Helper

You can quickly add Facebook Pixel Helper by going to the Chrome store and adding it your browser.  On this is installed, you can navigate to your website. In the top right of your page you will see the Facebook Pixel Helper Icon. If your pixel is installed correctly, you will see a green one extending from the icon. You can click it to review the information needed to identify your pixel and configuration

Facebook Pixel Helper can help to determine if the pixel is installed correctly.

If you are uncertain on the audience that would be interesting in your website content or products. You can use Google Analytics for the some insights. Try using this Guide on Using Google Analytics to define a Facebook Audience.