How to Make a Word Cloud in Tableau

Word Cloud in Tableau

The word cloud is a a great  visual to represent the frequency of words in set amount of text . In a word cloud, the most important or unique words within the data are arranged together in a form of groups. Also, in word cloud, the size of each of the word can be determined either by the importance(frequency) of that word or by the number of occurrences within data. The main objective of creating a word cloud is to give the  viewer a  quick understanding of the important and unique words from the data.

In this blog I am going to create a word cloud chart in Tableau using Sample-Superstore data.

Following are the steps to create a Word Cloud chart in Tableau:

1. Connect to Sample-Superstore dataset: Open the Tableau Desktop and select the “Sample-Superstore” dataset

2. Go to Sheet1:

3. Put “Sub-Category” field to “Text” marks card:

4. Put “Sub-Category” field to “Size” marks card and convert it to measure as “Count of Sub-Category”: After this step, the size of the each sub-category will get change according to their occurrence in the dataset. The more the occurrence of the word in data, the greater the size will be.

5. Under marks card, change the type of chart from “Automatic” to “Text”, then change the subcategory to count by right clicking the measure:

6. Now, in the final step, put “Category’ field to “Color” marks card: This is done to group the sub-category according to their categories. This will help user in visually analyzing of word cloud in better way.