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Phone Call Tracking with Google Tag Manager

There are several ways to track website calls. You can track call button clicks using event tracking with Google Analytics or an event listener in Google Tag Manager. Whether you use a tag management option or amended code, this will require that you amend to your website to have the proper markup for telephone calls. However, one of the easiest ways to do this is via Google Tag Manager. This guide will show you to step by step track website calls using Google Tag Manager. Learn Advanced Implementations with Google Tag Manager

Before you get started with implementing an event listener in Google Tag Manger, it’s important that you have the correct html markup to open the mobile device to call. To trigger, the phone call with a link. Use href=”tel:555-555-5555″ and then close the html link. Now that you have the link set up ,you can open up Google Tag Manager to track phone calls.

Click here to see how this works Phone Call 555-555-5555

1. Open Google Tag Manager
2. Create Trigger
3. Choose Event
4. Choose Click
5. Configure trigger on Just Links
6. Enable when Page URL contains .*
7. Fire ON Click URL contains tel:
7. Create Trigger

We have need to enable this trigger on each page with the .* and define it to fire on a link that has the tel: markup. However, if you have the phone number on one page, you should just use that single page when you configure the trigger.


Create a Google Analytics Tag

1.Create Tag
2.Choose Google Analytics Tag; choose Universal
3.Configure the Tag for Click
4.Put in your UA tracking ID from Google Analytics
5.Choose the Track type for Event
6. Define the Event
7. Category = Click, Action = Phone Call Click, Label = Page Path
8. Fire On choose More, then choose your phone call trigger
9. Create Tag.


Preview the Tag Firing
1. Choose Preview and Debug Mode
2. Go to your website and Click the link
3. See the the tag firing in the once the link is click

Check GA Real Time Events to see this event come send data to Google Analytics.


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