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Scrape Website Data with Excel or Power BI

Scraping website data can be done easily using Power Query in Excel or by using Power BI. Both these tools have the ability to scrape tabular data from a website. The applications will search for a table within in the website and allows you to import it into the data model or Excel. Follow the instructions below for Excel Power web query and Power BI web query. The steps are very similar in nature.

How to Get Website Data using Excel Power Query

1. Open Excel
2. Navigate to the Data Tab
3. Click Get Data in the upper left
4. Choose Other Sources and then choose Web
5. Enter the website URL into the window and click OK
6. After the website loads into the preview, you have the choice to load it or edit prior to loading.
If you choose to load, you can choose to load into an Excel sheet or into the data model.

Click on Get Data

Choose From Web to import the data into Excel


Enter the URL address

Ente the URL address in the Power Query Data Import

Choose the table when the web data loads

Load the data into Excel sheets

Load data into an Excel from the web scape

Scrape Websites with Power BI

This is a very similar process because Power Query is essentially the foundation that Power BI was built on. Follow the instructions below

1. Open Power BI
2. Navigate to the Get Data
3. Choose Web
4. Enter the website URL and click OK
5. Once the preview has loaded, you can choose to edit or load.
6. Loading will go directly to the data model.

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