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Digital Attribution Models in Google Analytics

Digital attribution models are a an attempt to assign credit to a particular channel. This action becomes increasingly complex because user do not act in predetermined path.  However, if you have more than one form of advertising that you are using to drive conversion, then attribution is a must. The the last click model is […]

Use Google Analytics to Create Custom Facebook Audience

Google Analytics is the best tool to create custom Facebook Audience segments for you social media advertisement. This paring is a match made in heaven. Often people start their journey into Facebook Advertising either targeting a wide audience or guessing at interest group. However, using Google Analytics cuts out the guesswork and allows you to […]

Learn The Best Time to Publish Blog Posts

Problem: When is the best time to publish blog posts? Solution: Use analytics to identify the ideal time to publish. Requirements: Google Analytics Time to implement: 5 minutes Knowing best time to publish content can be the key to increasing engagement,, sales, and shares. There are tons of people who say lunchtime is the ideal […]

Google Analytics A/B Testing in 15 Easy Steps

For landing pages optimization, an A/B  test is essential. One of the easiest and most cost effective ways is split testing  with Google Analytics A/B testing features. The allows you to use the existing set of data and users behavior to create landing page experiments.  It may be important to conduct experiments on your images, languages, call to […]