Where to Find Data?

It’s often a struggle to find the good data that you really need to help enhance your data projects. However, Let’s continue to build a comprehensive list of sources that hopefully provide you with a wealth of datasets to work with. Check Out Data Camp to Practice Real-World Data Analysis Data Analysis Project Datasets: You […]

Get Google Trends Data into Power BI with Python

As of the time of writing this post, there is no native connector in Power BI for Google Trends API to pull data directly a report. However, we can easily do this with just a few lines of Python code. This will allow you to bring in multiple keywords to compare trends over time. We […]

Fill Blank Cell with Previous Cell

Excel has a lot of great functions and shortcuts that will make data cleaning and manipulation easier. Not knowing these techniques will add frustration and a lot of time to your current workload and analysis. You can follow the instructions below to figure out how to fill blank cells with previous cell values. Check out […]

Best Power BI Courses

​Power BI’s user-base is growing daily. In just a few years, the adoption of Power BI into data productivity suites has exponentially grown. The team at Microsoft provides monthly updates that increase Power BI’s functionality and customization. ​If you are familiar with the field of data visualization, you would have heard of Power BI as […]

How to Do Data Profiling in Excel?

Making sense of your data with Excel is smart because it’s both powerful and budget-friendly. Data profiling in Excel helps you see what’s in your data, from the good bits to the bits that might need some work. And the best part? Excel is easy to get and often free, so you can dive into […]

How to Add a Filter in Excel

Adding filters in Excel is a fundamental skill that enhances the tool’s utility, allowing users to efficiently sort through and find specific data within large datasets. Using filters in Excel is like putting on special glasses that help you see exactly what you’re looking for in a big pile of information. Whether you’re organizing a […]

How To Make Box And Whisker Plot Excel

A Box and Whisker Plot might sound fancy, but it’s essentially a chart that shows you how data points spread out across a range. Imagine lining up all your data points from smallest to largest. This plot helps you see where most of the data clumps together, where the middle point is, and if there […]

An In-Depth Exploration of Python’s “not in” and “if not in”

Python is a flexible and widely used programming language that provides several tools to manipulate and play with data effectively. From these, the “not in” and “if not in” play an important role in increasing code readability and streamlining conditional statements. Let’s deep dive into these concepts to understand their concept, syntax, and application. Introduction […]

How to Check and Update Python Versions

How to Check Python Version?

Master Python Version Management From Beginner to Pro Python is a high-level programming language that supports multiple functions such as structured, object-oriented, and functional programming. Python releases its updates on an annual basis that includes bug fixes and new features. It is important to understand that as a Python programmer, you should use the most […]

Filter Data with Python Query

I believe there a several Python functions that every data analyst should learn. VALUE_COUNTS, GROUPBY and QUERY is also on the list. Of course all these are part of the PANDAS library. So Let’s explore the query function. This function allows for filtering data frames using a concise and readable syntax. What is the basic […]

3 Ways to Calculate Percent Change in Python

Percent change using Pandas is one of the easiest ways to get the percent change formula. This can be done with a single line of code. However, you will need to use a data frame from the Pandas package to do this. I will show you multiple ways to calculate percent change with ease. Do […]

Python List Concatenation: Best Practices

In Python programming, the most used data structure is a list. It allows us to manipulate and organize data elements efficiently. Lists are particularly useful in data analysis, machine learning, and game development. As a data analyst, we apply different functions using lists. From those concatenation is an important function that involves joining multiple lists […]

Tableau vs. Power BI in 2023

Power BI and Tableau are the two most important data visualization tools. Both tools are used for data analysis, manipulation, and visualization to get insight from the data. However, both have their own unique selling point. Diving under the hood will tell you which solution is best for your specific use-case. In this blog, we […]

Handling Nulls in Python: A Hands-On Tutorial


When no value is assigned to a variable, it is referred to as a null value. In the world of data science and data analysis dealing with missing values is common but a challenging problem. It is difficult to analyze data with null values and to achieve accurate results. So, in this tutorial, we will […]

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