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How to Do Data Profiling in Excel?

Making sense of your data with Excel is smart because it’s both powerful and budget-friendly. Data profiling in Excel helps you see what’s in your data, from the good bits to the bits that might need some work. And the best part? Excel is easy to get and often free, so you can dive into […]

How to Add a Filter in Excel

Adding filters in Excel is a fundamental skill that enhances the tool’s utility, allowing users to efficiently sort through and find specific data within large datasets. Using filters in Excel is like putting on special glasses that help you see exactly what you’re looking for in a big pile of information. Whether you’re organizing a […]

How To Make Box And Whisker Plot Excel

A Box and Whisker Plot might sound fancy, but it’s essentially a chart that shows you how data points spread out across a range. Imagine lining up all your data points from smallest to largest. This plot helps you see where most of the data clumps together, where the middle point is, and if there […]