How to Wrap Text in Excel

Why do you need to wrap text?

Text wrapping ensures that lengthy text that overflows its cell is rearranged. Text wrapping makes your text appear on multiple lines within the cell. This does not involve any changes to the data or the insertion of line break characters. This means the text merely appears to be formatted on multiple lines.

When text wrapping is applied, the row’s height is adjusted to accommodate the entirety of the text within the cell. So you can manually adjust the cell if need but it requires formatting.

Easiest Way To Wrap Text in Excel

The image below shows a long string of text that has not been wrapped. Use the simple instructions below to wrap the text which will adjust the height.

2 Steps to Wrap Text

The easiest way to wrap text is from the Top Ribbon. This will allow you to take the text in the cell and use the Wrap Text option in the ribbon. Follow the instructions below to achieve this. This is a two-step process. So follow the steps below.

  1. Click the Home Tab
  2. Highlight the cell you want to wrap
  3. Click Wrap Text in the ribbon menu.

Shortcuts to Wrap Text in Excel

You can literally achieve the same result with a shortcut. These key combination are going to save a whole lot time if you are wrapping a lot text in an Excel workbook. To do this, you can simply highlight the text you want to wrap and press ALT + H + W

This shows you the fastest way to wrap text which is of course with an Excel Shortcut. ALT + H + W

Can You Manually Adjust and Wrap Text?

The answer is yes. But it requires a few extra steps. There may be some use cases for you doing this. If you are trying to get specific formatting in an Excel doc, this may help. Let’s explore how you do this.

  1. Adjust the hight of the cell
  2. Click Home Ribbon
  3. Go to the Format Tab
  4. Choose Adjust Cell Height

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