Python Data Science Interview Questions and Answers

Honestly, knowing Python and knowing how to answer interview questions with Python can be two separate skills. I have bombed interviews due to not explaining my thought process when approaching a problem. Often interviewers are not concerned that you arrive at a perfect answer in the limited time that you are given. They put more emphasis on how you would solve the problem. 

How to Become Better at Python Data Science Interviews?

Of course, you have to continually keep your Python skills fresh but no one is expecting you to remember exact syntax. So you should practice solving problems and detailing how you would go about tackling the issue. 

I have created an interview series to show you how to answer Python interview questions related to data analysis and data science. 

These questions have been curated from top companies such as Amazon, Zillow, Google, and Microsoft. So you can follow how I would answer each question practically. 

Gaelim Holland

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