Format all the Font in Power BI

You can quickly get uniform text accross your visuals by using the Power BI themes customization. In just a few steps you will be able to quickly alter the text family. 

Step 1: Go to Theme Options

The first step you will need to take is to navigate to the top ribbon in Power BI and click on the View heading. 

Once you have clicked on the View link you will be presented with a section that shows you the themes that exist. This is present since the May 2020 release. 

There is a down carrot icon that is on the far right of the Themes heading. Opening this will reveal all the existing themes available for selection. However, our goal is the customize the existing theme that you hav selected.  Even though, you haven't selected a theme, you are using the default theme option in Power BI.

Customize your font by selecting the themes option in Power BI

Step 2: Customize your Theme

You will need to navigate down to where the heading Customize your current theme. This will give you access to a window that allows for the changing of colors, visuals, text and etc. However, we would like to change the text. 

In this section, you can alter the text headings, the genral text, the titles, the KPIs, and headers. Using the general option will allow you to quick change the font family acrros the visuals. However, you may need to take a few extra steps to get the font set uniformally accross the headers and titles. 

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Gaelim Holland

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1 year ago

This doesn’t work for me. It doesn’t update the font of existing visuals or newly created visuals. Everything defaults to Segoe UI font