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How to Make a Ridge Plot in Python

If you are like me, you have never heard of a ridge plot. However, I find that it’s one of the more interesting plots used to describe numerical data. It allows you display the distribution of data across a dimension. In other words, you will be able to see the distribution of temperatures across a […]

How to Create Venn Diagrams in Python

It’s simple to identify the similarities and contrasts between two or more groups when using a Venn diagram to represent their relationships. In this post, we’ll demonstrate how to make Venn diagrams in Python and how to edit them as needed. There is no out-of-the-box matplotlib or seaborn function that produces a Venn diagram out […]

Parallel Coordinate Plots

Multivariate numerical data can be visualized using a parallel coordinates plot. This visual compare samples or observations across several numerical variables. The X- axis is used to represent each feature or variable. All of the axes are parallel to one another and equally spaced apart. A distinct scale and unit of measurement can be used […]

Word Frequency with Python

One of the key steps in NLP or Natural Language Process is the ability to count the frequency of the terms used in a text document or table. To achieve this we must tokenize the words so that they represent individual objects that can be counted. There are a great set of libraries that you […]

Seaborn Visuals Quick Guide

Seaborn is one the best statistical visual libraries that Python has to offer. Here is a quick guide that will allow you quick produce visuals easily. For this guide I am using a Avocado data set which you can find below. Check out how to quickly become a data viz master with Data Visualization at […]

Seaborn Line Chart

Line graphs don’t have to be boring.  Seaborn line charts add a whole new opportunity to make your line charts stand out and communicate new insights. Follow these easy to follow tutorial on how to to create line chart in Seaborn. There specifics that will be covered are colors, style and error bars. The  fist […]

Create a Seaborn Scatterplot

A scatterplot is one of the best ways to visually view the correlation between two numerical variables. Seaborn has a number of different scatterplot options that help to provide immediate insights.  This tutorial will show you how to quickly create scatterplots and style them to fit your needs. Learn Seaborn Data Visualization at Code Academy […]

Data Visualization –NBA Highest Points Per Game

NBA All Time Point Leaders This Plotly chart was created using a dataset of NBA players stats from It contains player points, rebounds, assists, starts and etc. I create this visualization by building it in Plotly, based on an initial Python plot created using Matplotlib. I wanted to explore using Plotly cause I thought […]

Seaborn Histogram

You can easily create and style a histogram in Seaborn with just a few steps. Let’s get started. You will need a few dependencies to ensure that the plot is shown.  The dependencies that you essentially need to load are Matplotlib and Seaborn. However, let’s load the standards such as Pandas and Numpy also in case […]

Create a Python Heatmap with Seaborn

You can easily create a heatmap using the Seaborn library in Python.  For this tutorial, I’m going to create this using Jupyter Notebooks. The first step is to load the dependencies which are the essential library. You can also Learn Python Data Insights on YouTube import pandas as pd import numpy as np import seaborn […]