Chicago Crimes 2015 vs 2016 Data Visualization

Crime in Chicago has soared while other metropolitan cities have seen a major decline. To be exact, most crime in Chicago has not seen any major increases except for homicide. Homicides in Chicago in the first 8 months of the year have already soared beyond the sum of homicides in 2016. This begs the question of what is happening to cause this increase. In the months of both August and September, Chicago have more murders than LA and New York combined. If that is not disturbing enough. There were 10 murders in a single day in the month of September.


Where does this data come from?

This data set was sourced from  You can find a list of data sets from both federal and local governmental bodies. Additionally, there are many scientific studies with live data sets.

How I built this Visualization

This was built using Tableau. I extracted the data from a giant excel and created 6 sheets and dashboard in Tableau. This was a pretty straight forward exercise.

 Murders in 2015 and 2016

This chart was built using two calculated fields that isolated 2015 and 2016 using a Boolean formula for the years, true or false. Then I put the crimes on the dimension shelf and number of records on the measures shelf. I chose a bar chart to represent the numbers. Then a sliding filter with types of crimes was added.

maps of chicago murdersI

I used the latitude and longitude to produced to maps on two different sheets. I could isolate 2015 and 2016 using my calculated Boolean fields. Then I placed crimes on the filter and count of crimes on the details shelf and took off aggregation. This was repeated for another viz for 2016.

daily crime statistics in chicago 2015

Daily crime statics was created using the date that was placed on the dimension shelf and number of records placed on the measures shelf. Types of crimes was added to the filters.

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