Top E Sports Earners

E-sports has been become a multi-million dollar industry with over 160 million dollars in prize money in 2019 alone.  I wanted to explore the earnings of the top tournaments, players and games below. There is an awesome sight with all this data compiled and tracked. You can go to . If want you learn how to  quickly make browser based video games with PhaserJs at Code Academy.

​The dashboards above details the total earnings of each of the categories. However, ​here is the ranking of the top teams bye earnings.

​Top E Sports Teams Rankings in 2019

show the top esports team rankings in 2019

​Prize Money By Game in 2019

prize money per game

​Fortnite dominates 2019 as the most popular game and cash cow. ​Previously dominant MOBA games like DOTA and League of Legends still ​have a significant prescience. However I found that the amount of players and cash earnings is not 1 to 1 for this segment. For example there are more players in L​eague of Legends as opposed to DOTA. However the prize money is larger for DOTA.

​Top Earners by Player and Player ID

​Suprisingly out of the Top 25 Players. 24 are DOTA players with only one being a Fortnite Player.

​​Choose a ​Game Title ​of Top 100 players

Gaelim Holland

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4 years ago

The time of this post isn’t very accurate. The Dota 2 world championship has already taken place, whereas the league of legends worlds championship has yet to take place. League of Legends will surpass CS:GO putting it 3rd in the rankings. And to answer your question: The reason why Dota has a higher price pool is because Dota is owned by Valve (they own Steam which every single person in the world who plays a PC game will have installed and use as their primary marketplace). They use Steam to promote the championship providing benefits to those who make purchases during the time period. TL:DR Valve have a huge global audience to promote their event while providing benefits that go outside of just the game. Riot simply only has League of Legends.