Single Most Important Google Analytics Report


The assisted conversion report is the single most important report in Google Analytics. This report tells you exactly the value of each channel and describes your customers buying journey. There is no other report that that allows you see this much of the buyers journey.

Data Overload: Of course other reports are important.  However, Google Analytics provides you with a massive amount of information. You can spend ours analyzing data that really has no impact on your business.

So, in the sake of time and effectiveness, it’s important that you identify the single most important metrics to obsess about. Of course these metrics are related to your buisness’s ultimate objective: Make Money

How does your user convert?

Assisted Conversions

The customer journey is not a straight line process. They may enter and leave various channels before converting.

There is only one report that shows you how each channel plays a part in the buying funnel. The only way to see how your separate digital marketing channels are contributing to your bottom line while seeing the stages of the buying funnel is in the

Assisted Conversion Report.


To reach this report you need to open up the conversion section of the analytics and choose the assisted conversions.

This report has a strong correlation to the the buying funnel.

  • Assisted conversion are the SEE and THINK portion of the funnel.
  • Last click or Direct Conversions are the DO part of the funnel.

Once you apply the same logic to the buying funnel with a wave of the wand you will see how these metrics apply to the buying funnel.





Gaelim Holland

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