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How to Analyze Data | Step-by-Step Guide

The hardest part of data analysis is sometimes knowing how or what to analyze. This a make or break skill for any data analyst. However, it can be challenging to know where to start and how to ensure you’re making the right conclusions. In this blog post, we will guide you through the six steps […]

SQL Queries for Data Analyst

As a data analyst or data scientist, knowing the right SQL queries can help you get the data you need from your database tables quickly and easily. Whether you’re a new user or a pro, you need to know how to use the basic SQL queries to analyze and change data. In this blog post, […]

Where to Find Data?

It’s often a struggle to find the good data that you really need to help enhance your data projects. However, Let’s continue to build a comprehensive list of sources that hopefully provide you with a wealth of datasets to work with. Data Analysis Project Datasets: You can click and download these files in your browser: […]

How to Compare Previous and Current Rows in SQL

One of the easiest ways, to compare this is using the lag function. The lag function will allow you to shift the rows downward so that you can view these rows as one observational row. Here is a simple example of how to use the lag function to shift rows downward. You can Practice FANG […]

What Makes a Good Data Analyst CV

I thought this might be helpful. I have been working in data. I get a lot of DMs on LinkedIn on what makes a good data analyst CV. I’ve hired about 30 analyst in my career and interviewed a many. Here are the things I think really work and get the attention of HR, CV […]