What Makes a Good Data Analyst CV

I thought this might be helpful. I have been working in data. I get a lot of DMs on LinkedIn on what makes a good data analyst CV. I’ve hired about 30 analyst in my career and interviewed a many. Here are the things I think really work and get the attention of HR, CV parser and a hiring manager

What are the best elements to add to your resume as a data analyst

ROI – If you can demonstrate how you increased cost savings, saved time, or increased X, it’s real eye catching to HR and reviewers eye. This is due to the eye scanning for $ and % signs. These two symbols are great additions to a CV
Bullet Points–I know this is basic but if you are in data, you need to be exact and making the complex simple is a great skill. Having a novel like resume is a great way to make someone miss out on your skills.
Software and Skills –Listing the software and skills in a separate section. Often times, an organization can’t hire a candidate if they are not familiar with a specific tech stack of software. This is due to the time and cost for training is factored in to the decision making.
Projects–Yes, projects are important. However, I think it’s much more important to have projects connect ed to your previous or current work

Video Presentation

I have summarized all this in a video presentation. Also, you can see a review of 4 real world CV and resumes. This will take you through each step and show you a review.

Gaelim Holland

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