Fill Blank Cell with Previous Cell

Excel has a lot of great functions and shortcuts that will make data cleaning and manipulation easier. Not knowing these techniques will add frustration and a lot of time to your current workload and analysis. You can follow the instructions below to figure out how to fill blank cells with previous cell values.

Check out the YouTube video on replacing blank cell values

The best way to quickly do this is from the instructions below:

How to Fill Blank Cells with Previous Cell Value

  • Select data with CRTL+A or Select the Columns in which you want the blank cells to be filled
  • Press CTRL + G
  • Click on Special
  • Select Blanks, this will select all blank cells with on of those blanks highlighted.
  • In the formula bar, type = and the previous cell to the highlighted blank cell i.e =A2
  • Press CTRL + Enter, all blank cells will be formatted.

Gaelim Holland

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7 months ago

Thanks, It was very helpfull

3 months ago

Thanks a lot