Mcdonalds Menu Calorie Burn Calculator

Use the calorie burn calculator below to estimate how much time is required to burn off the calories of various Mcdonald’s items in relation to a specific exercise.

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no code needed

Other Visualizations

How I built this visualization. The data was sourced from Kaggle Dataset. The exercise calorie burn rate information was sourced from the United States department of Agriculture’s Choose My Plate initiative . It demonstrated exercise calorie burn rate per exercise. This data was put in a calculation added to the data set. After cleaning up the data with Excel. It was piped into to Tableau for visualization.

Essentially there are only 4 visualization in the sheet:

  • Time calculator
  • Time Clusters
  • Table  
  • Histogram. 

 Time Calculator 

This was created by creating a parameter that allowed for both the exercise measure and item dimension to be changed. Both parameters were linked to a calculated field which use if statements to slice the data.


This was created by putting the item in the dimension shelf with calculated field in the rows. I choose the packed bubbles visualization. A set was created that broke the visualization into items that required 30 minutes of exercise to burn calories and those that required under 30 minutes.  The set was placed in the colors mark on the marks card.


All the menu items were placed on the text card and metrics such as exercise time, % of daily calorie allowance at 2000 limit and calories were listed.


The histogram was created by putting the exercise bin on rows and the count of the exercise measure on the columns. Then the histogram was select. A filter was then added to cycle through the categories.

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