Starbucks Calorie Burn Calculator


This data was sourced from Kaggle which had both McDonalds and Starbucks items datasets. The data was broken up by items and nutritional elements. I put this data into a Power BI dashboards. There were several functions to get this to work.

The exercise data set was sourced from Nutri Strategy

I based all the exercises on an individual between 1301b to 1501b adult. This data set housed how each activity burns calories per hour. So each items total calorie from the beverage was divided by this each exercise. A filter


The functions used to get this total dashboard to interact. SELECTEDVALUE function was used to display which drink was chosen.   IF functions were used to show the differences between the create the percentage differences between the items and the actual calories.


If you are interested in seeing a calorie burn calculator put together in Tableau. You can check it out here:

MC Donalds Calorie Burn Calculator

Gaelim Holland

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