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​Power BI's user-base is growing daily. In just a few years, the adoption of Power BI into data productivity suites has exponentially grown. The team at Microsoft provides monthly updates that increase Power BI's functionality and customization.

​If you are familiar with the field of data visualization, you would have heard of Power BI as a visualization tool. However, this is not an equal comparison since data visualization is a small part of  this tool and a data analyst work, among data professionals such as analyst, DBA, and data science. Power BI provides a more robust set of solutions around data preparation and data modeling. Overall the areas where Power BI excel over other tools:

​What are the key strength of this tool?

  • Data Modeling
  • DAX Calcualtions
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Python Integration
  • Custom Data Visualization

What are Best Courses to Learn Power BI?

There are tons of low quality courses taught by non-professional. Sadly on my journey to master Power Bi, I have lost money on quite a few of these course. So, I hope to provide with a comprehensive list on the courses that are going to provide the best overall return on your time and monetary investment.

Power BI A-Z: Hands-On Power BI Training For Data Science

If you are fairly new to Power BI, this course if definitely what you need. The course is delivered by Kirill Eremenko from the Super Data Science team. His delivery is slow and concise over 43 lectures.  You can complete this is two weeks. View the Course

  • Great teacher with a wealth of knowledge 
  • Complete overview of the fundamentals
  •  Specifically for beginners
  • 4000 5 star reviews

Advantages of this course:

The course covers everything that a fundamentals course should. You will start out by simply learning the interface and move on to more advanced styling techniques, hierarchies, and calculated columns.  You will be able to immediately jump into your data set and apply the same techniques. 


This course is not designed for advanced or high intermediate users. It's  an overview course that helps you gain a strong handle on the fundamentals of Power BI.

Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI

In terms of product expertise and thoroughness, there are not going to be many courses that can match this one. It's delivered by Microsoft. It covers all the basics and also Power BI Services.  It's a mixture of video, quizzes and labs. For those who are in a hurry, this might not be your go-to choice. I will take a 4 weeks to complete.  View the Course.

  • Super comprehensive course with a ton of content
  • Delivered on EdX by Microsoft
  • Content data sets are very compelling
  •  Over emphasis on the cloud services.


Extremely thorough and provides a great overview of the full capabilities of Power BI.


There is an over-reliance on the Power Online Services. It's understandable that this is Microsoft's focus since it has AI and is the paid aspect of Power BI. 

YouTube Series are Great for Learning Power BI


Enterprise DNA

This channel has a in depth overview course Ultimate Beginners Guide to Power BI. It is pretty detailed. The instructor is very thorough and methodical. There is a emphasis on using finance data. Therefore, there isn't a lot of diversity in the data sets. The workbook and materials can be downloaded which is great.

Guys in a Cube

While they don't have a full course, it's a great resource to learning good techniques and tips for Power BI, you can use this as a reference.  It;s also delivered in a fairly entertaining fashion as opposed to most tech oriented videos.


There is a wealth of videos here that deal with of great videos covering DAX calculations. The instructor goes over critical parts of DAX. The DAX 101 is a must.

Gaelim Holland

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John N Catsicas
John N Catsicas
3 years ago

Thank you Gaelim for the effort you have invested in this web site and your articles – much appreciated