How to Connect Power BI and Google Analytics.

There are a ton of over-complicated tutorials on making this data connection. However, it is easy to quickly visualize your analytics data in your Power Bi.  Also there are templates that you can use that visualize your data in a dashboard format. For this you need to get an online account Power BI.

Making the data connection.

  1. Open Power BI
  2. Choose Get Data
  3. Choose More and Google Analytics( You will need to login to your GA account)
  4. Choose the Google Analytics Profile and View
  5. Load the data

Your table fields will be located at the right side menu. You can experiment now that your data is loaded. You will have access to both dimension and metrics. So, feel free to build columns and rows.

Let’s build a traffic source table.

  1. Choose Default Channel Source as your primary dimension. This will make up your rows.
  2. Populate your columns with all the metrics that you would like.


By selecting these fields, you will be able to create a table.  You don’t have to start with a table, feel free to choose any of the visuals and quickly create a visualization. However, lets start with a table to understand how our data is laid out.



Visualize your Data.

  1. Click the table and choose the proper visual to represent your data. Now to obtain the visual below, you can only have channel grouping and visits as your metric.  Now that you have your connection. Build a dshboard by compiling visuals. into a logical format.


Gaelim Holland

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