Why You Shouldn’t Pay For Google Analytics Training

Google Analytics is a superb piece of software that allows you to track the acquisition, behavior and outcomes on your website. However, like any tool, its function is going to be different depending on the users intent. Although I do not have hard statistics, I am sure the vast majority of Google Analytics users are not developers or web analyst.

The everyday user would not need to understand the deep functionality of this tool . Their desire is to monitor the behavior on their website through a few key reports.  Implementing JavaScript variables and understanding the statistical nature of web analytics is not their intention. So, avoid paying for a program that forces you to learn this.

Google has made major steps to simplify its analytics reporting because they are aware that their user base are hardcore web analyst. Most people only need the following questions answered using analytics.

6 Key Questions:

  1.  Where did my users come from? (channels, countries etc.)
  2.  What are my top pages?
  3.  Are users completing goals(transactions, leads, submits)
  4.  How many people visit my website over time?(daily, monthly, yearly)
  5.  What devices are they using?
  6.   How is the site performing overall?

I would wager to bet that most people do not venture beyond these questions. Answers to these question probably covers 90% of what your boss or business owner wants to know. Google knows this. This is why they have transformed the home screen on analytics to answer each of these questions.

Google analytics dashboard answers all the key questions for 90% of the its users

Beyond the 6 Key Questions:

Going beyond these key questions requires more than just what buttons to push in Google analytics. A clear understanding of marketing metrics, measure, attribution, statistics and coding may be required to truly derive insights that may transform your business. In this case, by all means, pay for a training course in a specific domain or an advance web analytics course.


Where can you find a good training program on Google Analytics?

If you are looking for which buttons to push, you are best to Google your actual problem. However, if you looking for an introduction to the platform. You can start with the Google Analytics Academy.








Gaelim Holland

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