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Building an AI Chatbot with Essential Python Libraries

In the competitive field of data science and analysis, showcasing relevant projects is a key factor in landing the perfect job. Building a project that blends several facets of the field – AI, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Web Scraping, and Data Visualization – demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of the skills that potential employers look for. […]

Python Optimization Tutorial | Marketing Budget Allocation

The overall goal is we were trying to maximize sales through understanding of our the total channel contribution mix based on our budget constraints. Let take a look at the process. Why is This an Important Technique? Its completely data driven as opposed to simple guessing techniques. This approach can lead to improved targeting, increased […]

What is Graphical Data?

Watch the video presentation: Unlike any other data, a graphical database stores relationships between different entities, but what is an entity, any object that can be linked to another object is an entity, for example, LinkedIn users on the LinkedIn database could be their entities. A relationship between these entities could be like “Friendship”, “Subscriber” […]

Small Python Projects: Build a News Dataset

One of the easiest projects that you can do in Python is creating a dataset by scraping a particular website In this project , we will use the PyGoogleNews library to extract Google News elements. We will optimize this this web scrapper to focus on a particular keyword, language and search engine location. Additionally, you […]