Small Python Projects: Build a News Dataset

One of the easiest projects that you can do in Python is creating a dataset by scraping a particular website In this project , we will use the PyGoogleNews library to extract Google News elements. We will optimize this this web scrapper to focus on a particular keyword, language and search engine location. Additionally, you will learn how to translate this with Texblob library and also create sentiment analysis on the titles.

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Let’s Dig into the Code:

#let's add the libraries
from pygooglenews import GoogleNews
import pandas as pd

#create the Google News API
gn = GoogleNews(lang='jp',country="JP")

# lets create a dictionary so that we can get the date of publish, link and title
def get_titles(keyword):
  news= []
  search =
  articles = search['entries']
  for i in articles:
   article= {'title': i.title, 'link':,"published":i.published}
  return news

data = get_titles("ポケットモン")

#lets save a data frame so that we can start translating what we have
df = pd.DataFrame(data)

# Here is texblob our natural language processing library
from textblob import TextBlob

# We use translate to with a from language to language
blob.translate(from_lang='ja', to='en')

# let's create a function that bring back sentiment and translateions
def translation(text):
  blob =TextBlob(text)
  return str(blob.translate(from_lang='ja', to='en'))
def sentiment(text):
  return blob.sentiment.polarity

df['translation'] = df['title'].apply(translation)
df['sentiment'] =df['translation'].apply(sentiment)

# lets create an actual class 
import numpy as np

df['Sentiment Class']  = np.where(df['sentiment']<0,"negative",
#lets export the file 

Gaelim Holland

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