Where to Find Data?

It’s often a struggle to find the good data that you really need to help enhance your data projects. However, Let’s continue to build a comprehensive list of sources that hopefully provide you with a wealth of datasets to work with.

Data Analysis Project Datasets:

You can click and download these files in your browser:

  • Hotel Revenue Dataset : This dataset will allow you to analyze hotel data revenue.
  • E-commerce Dataset: This dataset shows e-commerce sales and products with dates and customer IDs.
  • Holiday Dataset: This dataset covers holidays for over 50 years that can be merged with existing data.
  • Hospital Wait Times: This is an actual clinic dataset with patient consolation and wait times.
  • Digital Marketing: This dataset contains website campaign conversion by channel.
  • Mall Customer Dataset : This dataset has mall customers with spending, income and other dimensions.

Follow along and create Data Analysis Portfolio Projects based on the YouTube Playlist for:

If you are interested in the data analysis around the above datasets. Check out:

Data Analysis for Complete Beginners

Data sets and Sources

Gaelim Holland

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