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How to Use Python FOR LOOPS

Python’s for loop is a versatile tool for iterating over data, essential for any business dealing with datasets. Let’s dive right into how businesses can leverage this. Basic Syntax for variable in iterable: This is the fundamental syntax of the “for” loop in Python . What’s an iterable? An iterable is any Python object you […]

How to Use Block Comments in Python

You can easily create multi-line comments in Python with ease by using quotations. The # docustring will only allow you to comment per each line. However triple quotation “””” or ”’ should easily allow you to create multiple-line comments. Using Triple Quotes for Multi-line Python Comments Even though triple quotes are primarily used for docstrings […]

Top Ten Financial Functions in Python

If you didn’t know Python has a host of function that cover most domains. Pandas is the premier data analysist and data manipulation library in Python. It is an incredibly versatile tool for financial analysis. With its rich set of functions tailored for data wrangling and analysis, it has become the go-to library for financial […]

List Comprehension in Python

What is list Comprehension? This is a method in Python that It allows you to create a new list by transforming and filtering elements from an existing list. The beauty of this is its done in a single line of code. We can use a list and the word iterable interchanged due to a list […]

How to Find Outliers in Python

Find outlier is essential for a host of reasons from not skewing your averages to ensuring that machine learning algorithms function properly. In this tutorial, I am going show you several ways in which you can remove outliers from your data. We explore a few traditional methods such as Z-score and IQR. In addition, we […]

Calculate Customer Lifetime Value with Python

CLV is a crucial measure for firms to comprehend in order to maximize their marketing and sales activities. CLV is a forecast of the net profit attributable to a customer’s entire future relationship. This article will explain how to compute CLV in Python. Let’s take a look at the formula to get your mind in […]

How to Use Facebook Prophet Model

Facebook made FB Prophet, a library for Python and R that lets you make predictions based on time series. There are a lot benefits of using this model and some negative aspects to using this model. So lets explore the pros and cons. Also we will also go through the basic coding of the model. […]

How to Create Dataset with Python Faker

One of the greatest ways to learn and practice your analysis is using a real-world dataset. However, there is a time when its better to create your own dataset. In this case, you can specify some of parameters that fit your desires. We can use the Faker library to create a dataset in any language. […]

Data for Bike-Sharing Analysis

You can find the bike share analysis here Bike Share Data CSV If you want to follow along with the code, you can get it here:

How to Reverse a String in Python

If you are wondering how to reverse a string in Python, this can easily be done with slice notation. However, I will show you a few quick ways to reverse Python strings. I will list these in order difficulty. Two Main Points Reverse Python Strings with Slice Notation When slicing a string, you should think […]