UFO Sightings From 1910 to 2014 in United States

UFOs can be identified as any object that escapes classification  and seen trans-versing through the sky in a flying motion. National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) has been keeping records of these sightings since 1910. Evaluate the Data Visualization to see how sightings have evolved over time.


How this viz was made:

Map Visualization

1. The data was imported into Tableau with a CSV file.
2. Location was placed on the dimension shelf while number of records was on the measures shelf.
3. Dark Map was chosen and placed the dates on the page shelf.
4. Annotated the area and added date.

UFO sightings across USA

Tree Map

The X was put on the dimension shelf while number of records were placed on the measures shelf.

most viewed object as a ufo

Bar Chart

Simple bar chart was created by placing state on the dimensions shelf and number of records on the dimension shelf. To create the descending colors, number of records were added to the colors mark.



Gaelim Holland

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Sam Sprinkle
Sam Sprinkle
6 years ago

What I find interesting is that even by contacting the reporting centers, no one can give me a number of sightings per year in the United States. Where can I find a list that provides the number of sightings by year in the U.S.?

Sam Sprinkle
Sam Sprinkle
6 years ago

does anyone know how to get a list that gives a number of sightings in the USA by year?