Hip Hop Deaths: Why 2015 Was a Bad Year

I’ve always wondered about the death rate of rappers and hip hop artist because of the dangerous lifestyle some of them promote. So, I decided to find out the major causes of death among this segment. Luckily,  a data source was available  that would allow me to dive deeper. The data that built this data visualization was […]

Domino99 Online ideal dan Terpercaya di Indonesia

Halo sekutu judi online domino99, bersesuai pulang sehubungan aku disini menurut mengomongkan kuranglebih butala untung-untungan online domino99, pada putaran yang memesona ini aku hendak lumayan mengasih ambang agan tekait sehubungan sebagian perihal yang berturut-turut berlandaskan judi domino99 Online. Pada latarbelakangnya komplit macam tontonan judi itu sama, keceriaan berperan maintubruk satu keinginan istimewa berat bersikap judi […]

Analysis: Why Hollywood Won’t Make NC-17 Movies Anymore?

With the massive success that rated R movies have received in the last few years. I began to wonder if Hollywood would push the boundaries even further with NC-17 movies. Could these movies possibly be as profitable as their rated R cousin?  It’s doubtful. These movies are notorious for low return on investment due to the […]

7 Hotel PPC Strategies for 2016

The reduction of on Adwords first page ads has led to increased competition. Naturally, this has led to higher cost per clicks. In order to run a cost effective campaign, there are a few strategies that you will need to employ: 1. Brand Strategy–In the travel hotel space, most travelers will begin there online hotel search […]

Single Most Important Google Analytics Report

  The assisted conversion report is the single most important report in Google Analytics. This report tells you exactly the value of each channel and describes your customers buying journey. There is no other report that that allows you see this much of the buyers journey. Data Overload: Of course other reports are important.  However, Google […]

Bounce Rate and SEO Rankings

  Bounce Rate and SEO go hand and hand. Also, it’s pretty standard to push for a low bounce rate as engagement strategies. In most cases, this is the right strategy. However, it is not always the right strategy. Here’s an example to ponder… Tutorial Website–with a goal of converting users to email subscribers to […]

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