Join and Blend data in Tableau

Tableau provides both the option of blending and joining the data sources. But there are differences between blending in tableau and joining in Tableau. Objective: In this blog I am going mention when to use blending and joining. Also, I am going to explain how to join or blend the different data sources. Quick Note to […]

How to Connect Power BI and Google Analytics.

There are a ton of over-complicated tutorials on making this data connection. However, it is easy to quickly visualize your analytics data in your Power Bi.  Also there are templates that you can use that visualize your data in a dashboard format. For this you need to get an online account Power BI. Making the […]

Why You Shouldn’t Pay For Google Analytics Training

Google Analytics is a superb piece of software that allows you to track the acquisition, behavior and outcomes on your website. However, like any tool, its function is going to be different depending on the users intent. Although I do not have hard statistics, I am sure the vast majority of Google Analytics users are […]

Tableau Desktop vs Tableau Public vs Tableau Reader vs Tableau Server

So What’s the Difference? Many people are often confused by the different software options that Tableau offers. Essentially there are three tiers in the software options. Each having an increasing layer of of features which are also related to price. Additionally, your intention will also govern what software version you should incorporate into your analysis […]

Simpsons: Quality and Viewership Decline Trend

Like a very large segment of the world in the late 80s and early 90s. I was completely obsessed with the Simpsons. Every week, I would wait eagerly for each episodes to be release on FOX. I even bought the video games and other merchandise.  But over time, the episodes became repetitive and less edgy. […]

Starbucks Data Story – Stores, Food and Drinks Stats

Starbucks is a dominate coffee chain that has multiple stores on every continent on the planet. I created a simple data story made up of three dashboards that highlight data on international store locations, food stats and drink stats. The data was sourced from multiple sources in the form of CSV files. Each dashboard was […]

How to Learn Tableau Fast

5 Steps to Learn Tableau Fast Without a doubt, Tableau is the current reigning king of business intelligence software and data visualization. It’s become an essential tool for anyone who is dealing a significant amount of data. Outside of the beautiful visualization, practitioners are able to produce, it’s excellent at data mining, cleaning, stats and […]

UFO Sightings From 1910 to 2014 in United States

UFOs can be identified as any object that escapes classification  and seen trans-versing through the sky in a flying motion. National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) has been keeping records of these sightings since 1910. Evaluate the Data Visualization to see how sightings have evolved over time.   How this viz was made: Map Visualization 1. […]

Use Google Chrome Developer Tools for Conversion Rate Optimization

How to use Google Developer Tools for conversion rate optimization. Google Developers Tool is a great application that allows you analyze the code structure of your website. However, there are a of underutilized functions that are great for conversion rate optimization. Here a my favorite ways maximize the benefit of this tool. Testing Web Performance. […]

How to Build Google Analytics User Personas & Profiles

Building a Google Analytics Personas or  Customer Profile is an essential practice that all marketers should use. This profile can be quickly created using Google Analytics and Excel. However, it must be said that there are issues with data collected from Google Analytics such as this data is just a sample. However, the sample size […]