Time Spent in Daily Activities by Race, Weight, and Gender.



How this was built:

This dashboard allows you to explore primary daily activities on race, gender and body weight. It is broken into hours as the primary measure. Explore the viz below. Feel free to interact with the data.

The source of this data was taken from two United States governmental database. One is the Bureau of Labor and  United States Department of Agriculture. I didn’t join these to data sets because there were no common dimensions. The viz is composed of 5 sheets. The first sheet which is body mass index as a dimension and activities broken into minutes. I converted the measure into hours in order to have a consisted measure. This was done by simply dividing the measure by 60.  I placed the weight group measure in the row shelf and the measure values pill in the columns shelf.  I put measure names in the colors marks card. Then added the measure values to labels card.

The Bureau of Labor and statistic has primary daily activities broken up by gender, age and race. I placed the characteristics in the filter shelf and isolated ethnicity. Next I created a parameter and placed and selected string.  I placed activities in a list for the parameter.  I made a calculated field and named it ,number hours. I connected the calculated field and the parameter by using a case calculation which dictated when the parameter item was chosen. When this was completed I could display the measure and dimension selected under the parameter.  I used shapes for the mark and then placed labels. I formatted shapes to be white and then narrowed the sheet in the dashboard to look like a linear set of numbers.

For the male versus female viz. I put the two measures in the shelf for women and men. The dimension of Activity was placed on the row sheet. I made a dual axis and synchronized. I used circles as the mark.  The measure value pill was placed on the size mark.

Finally, this was all placed into a dashboard.

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Gaelim Holland

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