DEA Slang Word Visualization

Choose the substances and see the slang words


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How does it work

Use the interactive DEA Drug Slang Word Cloud to discover what the most common drug slang words for commonly illegal drugs. This data was source from the DEA data set on The data was in JSON file and was then exported and cleaned in Power BI. Enjoy interacting with the dashboard.

 How this Visual was Made

The drug that had the largest amount of slang words was Marijuana. It had over two hundred and ninety different slang words. A slicer was created to list out the official names of the drugs and values were mapped to each of them. When the slicer is pressed. You will get a list of words that have been selected based on their frequency in the data set. The word cloud does not come with the initial Power BI visuals. So you will need to download it from the Microsoft Store that has a list of Power BI visuals that can be incorporated into your Power BI report. To make the word cloud more insightful all colors and stop words were removed


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