Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM) Calculator

Use the Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM) Calculator to calculate the max distance of missiles, types, and impact duration from country of origin.

Nowadays, one of the biggest international threats is a nuclear weapons attack by North Korea. Their delivery method would be an intercontinental ballistic missile launch. North Korea has been increasing their capabilities in this department by producing missiles that travel farther than ever.  Ultimately the goal is not to actually launch this missile but to create a black arms revenue stream that would deliver the country out of extreme poverty.

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I decided to source some data that would provide the types of operational intercontinental ballistic missiles with their ranges and country of origins. Also, I wanted to provide the projected time it would take these missiles to be launched from their countries of origin and to hit the shores of the United States of America.

The flight of a ICBM constantly changes speed and altitude however, an estimated average flight speed is 5 to 7 km/s.  There is a period in which the missile has to gain the proper altitude before accelerating to the the target which also affects the speed and time to its destination. There are some details on speed on several missiles can sourced at Army Technology.

I was able to source this data from  NASA, Wikipedia,  and FAS.ORG

The information was combined into a dashboard using Tableau.  Various missile types filter out the decommissioned types to only list operational types. The speed and altitude were sourced at Army Tech website.


Gaelim Holland

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6 years ago

the map is broken. how can you scroll around? i cant click countries expect north korea? what is this

6 years ago

Enhancement request: Expand target SELECT list to include all countries. e.g. Flight time from Minot, North Dakota, USA to Bermuda, Cuba, Catalina Island, Nantucket Island, etc.

Michael Lorrey
Michael Lorrey
5 years ago

Request you add data on Pakistan ballistic missiles.