NRA Political Donations from 1990 to 2018

NRA Donations by Party and Politician

Where does the NRA concentrate their donations? You can view the data according to the New York Times, and Fortune Magazine. The top politicians that receive money from the NRA are overwhelmingly Republican with Donald Trump who is the the top politician of the Republican party with over 11 million dollars from the National Rifle Association. An additional 19 million was spent in 2016 against the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016. Far less dollars went to Democratic politicians over the years with 97% of the total dollars going to the Republican party in 2018 so far.

How this visual was created

Ths was a simple visual that only required two tables of data to create the dashboard. The data was sourced at Fortune Magazine and It provided the spend history since the early 1990. The data was pushed into Tableau and 3 visualization where created. The first was a bar graph with the politicians who received donations and the second was line graph with a dual axis. The second visual was a dual axis line graph with the years and percentage of donation by party. Donations of two hundred dollars or less are sometimes not reported to the Federal Trade Commission. So, these figures are based on figures recording by the FTC.

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Gaelim Holland

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4 years ago

Well, it ain’t illegal and there are just as crazy, other organizations that give money to candidates too! So, what the hell?

Dave Wiseman
Dave Wiseman
2 years ago

This is unreal that individuals would support the NRA and their extreme stance. All of the data shows that if you limit the access to weapons and conduct background checks this stuff happens at a far less rate. Why don’t people like facts?