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Create Data Bars and Star Rating KPIs in Excel

​You can easily get data bars and star ratings added to your report with a few steps. Often a way to save real estate and indicate differences, people use the spark line visuals. However, this can only be effective if you are dealing with time series data. So, this tutorial is going to show a […]

Excel Users Intro into Python

Data Science can be an incredibly daunting venture to undertake. As time continues, what constitutes data science morphs and changes. However, in a scientist is someone who uses a proven logical method to understanding and ascribe meaning to unknown phenomena. A data science doesn’t have a physical library, pipets, test tubes. They have a collection […]

How to Create an Excel Step Chart

A step chart is a great way to show how there has been a significant increase at a period of time.  When simply using a line chart in Excel the data is naturally going to trend from one point to the next.  This action creates a slope. As opposed to, a stepchart that will show […]

Add Data Entry Form in Excel 2016

You can quickly add a data entry form in Excel 2016 in just a few clicks. The steps to add a data entry include adding the form to your quick access menu and creating a table with headings for the data to be entered and finally initiating the table. Yes, that is all that is […]

Find and Highlight Duplicates in Excel

You can quickly find duplicates in Excel by employing a few different strategies. Often users want to see if there is a duplicate email in a list. Also, retailers may want to see if there have been duplicate transactions over a given period of time. There are tons of scenarios where you may want to […]


VLOOKUP is probably one of the top 5 functions that asked for Excel professionals to demonstrate for analysis or while interviewing. I can personally attest that early in my career I was asked whether I could do VLOOKUP hundreds of times. I often wonder why VLOOKUP became the go-to function for looking up data when […]

How to Fix VLOOKUP Errors

How to Fix VLOOKUP Errors Summary: VLOOKUP function in Excel is the most widely used function and it comes in very handy while looking up the value from different data sources. However, VLOOKUP also has a lot of limitations and specificities, which leads to various problems and errors. In this article, we are going to […]

Use DATEDIF to calculate time between dates.

There is a great little-known function for determining the days, months and years between two dates. This is not a publicized formula so it will not pop up in your formula bar or in formula dictionary in Excel. However, for me, this is a great formula that allows me to save a lot of time. […]

RIGHT and LEFT Functions in Excel

Left & Right function in Excel 1. LEFT: Definition: LEFT function in Excel returns the left-hand side characters from a text string based on the number of characters specified by the user. Arguments/Syntax: LEFT(text, [num_chars]) text: It is a required argument. It is the text string that contains the characters user wants to extract a […]

Scrape Website Data with Excel or Power BI

Scraping website data can be done easily using Power Query in Excel or by using Power BI. Both these tools have the ability to scrape tabular data from a website. The applications will search for a table within in the website and allows you to import it into the data model or Excel. Follow the instructions […]