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How to Rotate X-Axis Labels & More in Excel Graphs

Yes, rotating the text in our label and axis adds a bit of style. However, when creating a graph or chart in Excel, the orientation of the labels on the x-axis can be crucial to the readability and overall effectiveness of the data visualization. In some cases, the default orientation of the labels may be […]

Add Zeros to Blank Rows in Excel

You can easily add zeros to blank rows in Excel using the Go-To-Special Window by pressing F5. You can highlight all the blank rows. You can follow the instruction below to understand the steps to add Zeros into your data How to Add Zeros to Blank Rows. You can how easily it is to fill […]

How to Calculate Percent using Excel Formulas

In this tutorial, we will discuss how to calculate The first basic formula for calculating the percentage of anything in Excel is Percent Total Formula Part/Total = Percentage. Excel automatically converts the answer to percentage. Before starting out, you must understand the two ways that percent input and result works in Excel. Step 1: Type […]

3 Ways to Add Leading Zeros in Excel

Adding leading zeros in Excel is of the basic steps in data preparation. Often people try to manually achieve this task. However, there are 3 quick and easy ways in which you add leading zeros to balance out the length of your values. For example, if you want to ensure that your values have seven […]

How to Delete Every Other Row in Excel

We all know that you can manually delete rows in excel by simply highlighting them and choosing to right click and selecting delete. However, this is a long a tedious task. However, adding the level of complexity of deleting every other row can be much more challenging. Luckily, there are some easy to follow tips […]

How to Add Axis Labels in Excel

Axis labels are going to give your audience a clear understanding of your Excel charts. So it’s super important that you add these for clarity. Luckily in Excel, this is super easy to do. Firstly, you need to create a graph or bar chart. As you can see in the final image, I have changed […]

Fill Blank Cell with Previous Cell

Excel has a lot of great functions and shortcuts that will make data cleaning and manipulation easier. Not knowing these techniques will add frustration and a lot of time to your current workload and analysis. You can follow the instructions below to figure out how to fill blank cells with previous cell values. Check out […]

Easy Forecasting in Excel

Forecasting with the Trend line Click on your line graph.Click the [ + ] button on the chart to open the chart elements menu.Choose the trend line (Linear or Exponential).Right Click the Trend line, Choose Format Trend line.Under Forecast choose the number of the period into the future you want to forecast.Use Array Functions (Growth […]

Create Data Bars and Star Rating KPIs in Excel

​You can easily get data bars and star ratings added to your report with a few steps. Often a way to save real estate and indicate differences, people use the spark line visuals. However, this can only be effective if you are dealing with time series data. So, this tutorial is going to show a […]

Excel Users Intro into Python

Data Science can be an incredibly daunting venture to undertake. As time continues, what constitutes data science morphs and changes. However, in a scientist is someone who uses a proven logical method to understanding and ascribe meaning to unknown phenomena. A data science doesn’t have a physical library, pipets, test tubes. They have a collection […]