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Tableau Case Function – When Should You Use it?

 CASE and Nested Case Functions in Tableau Summary: “CASE-WHEN” is the part of Logical functions in Tableau. “CASE-WHEN” are used to perform the logical test and return the required value when the test expression is true. Check out Tableau For Data Science Course for more tips and tricks or 40 Awesome Tableau Keyboard Shortcuts How […]

Super Easy Guide to Tableau LOD Calculations

Level of Details (LOD’s) Expressions in Tableau Using LOD expressions, a user can compute different levels of aggregations that are not at the level of detail of the visualization. If you want to improve your Tableau skills check out: Best Tableau Online Courses. LOD’s Expressions: In Tableau, we have 3 types of Level of Details […]

40 Most Common Tableau Functions

Using function is in Tableau is essential for being able to represent your data in the best way. Tableau luckily has a list of functions that you can directly apply to your uploaded data.  If you’ve used other function in SQL or Excel these should seem familiar. If you are looking for ways to upgrade […]

40 Awesome Tableau Keyboard Shortcuts

Here is a list of Tableau Keyboard Shortcuts that will make your life easier. Using keyboard shortcuts can save you precious time and allow you to multitask like a ninja. Here are some of the best short cuts available in Tableau that will make you a much more efficient user. If you still arent sold […]

How to Create Clusters in Tableau

Clustering in Tableau The basic definition of clustering is to group elements together by similar properties,dimensions, or values. Tableau provides an option to group  data into different clusters based on parameters that you described . Tableau uses the “k-means” algorithm for clustering which suggests that based on the different values,  the data will be partitioned […]

How to Make A Donut Chart in Tableau

Donut in Tableau Donut chart is not an out of the box visualization in Tableau. Actually, it does not the stringent specification for Tableau data visualization philosophy. However, it is similar to pie chart which divides the a circle in different sectors based on the value of their proportions. But, the difference between Pie and […]

NRA Political Donations from 1990 to 2018

NRA Donations by Party and Politician Where does the NRA concentrate their donations? You can view the data according to the New York Times, and Fortune Magazine. The top politicians that receive money from the NRA are overwhelmingly Republican with Donald Trump who is the the top politician of the Republican party with over […]

Best US Counties to Find a Partner By Gender and Income

  Other Visualizations Have you ever wondered where you should live in order to have an edge on where to find a partner? Well you can increase your chances by living in an environment where there is a higher ratio of men to women or vice versa. Also to pair that variable with the per […]

How to Use Altyrex with Tableau

Integrate Altyrex  Workflows to Transform Tableau Data Tableau is not a ETL tool, it’s primarily a data visualization tool. So there is often a need to use a tool like Altyrex to help create data workflows and dataset that can be consumed by Tableau:  Generate tde format file for Tableau In Tableau, there is notably better […]

How to Animate Graphs in Tableau

Make an Amazing Animated Chart with Tableau   Animation in Tableau is majorly used for analyzing the seasonal trends or simply placing measures over a period of time. Using time series such as months, days,  and minutes will give you  the ability to set each interval as an individual page. As in all animations, a […]