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Tableau Alternatives

Top Tableau Alternatives Tableau Summary: Tableau is the most widely used tool for the data visualization. It provides the ability to analyze the data with the help of intuitive and easily understandable charts. Also, making charts using the drag n drop feature of Tableau is beyond comparison with any other tools available. Pros: It’s ultra-fast […]

How to Make a Word Cloud in Tableau

Word Cloud in Tableau The word cloud is a a great  visual to represent the frequency of words in set amount of text . In a word cloud, the most important or unique words within the data are arranged together in a form of groups. Also, in word cloud, the size of each of the […]

How to Use a Parameter in Tableau

How to Use a Parameter Step 1:  Create a Parameter Step  2:  Attach it to a calculation Step 3: Use Parameter Controls Lets get started: You can create a parameter by right clicking the measures plane.  When you do this , you will have a choice of data types for your parameter. For this example […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tableau

Should You Invest in Tableau? If you’re reading this article you are probably wondering if you should be investing your hard-earned dollars or your company’s dollars on Tableau. So, I’ve broken out the advantages and disadvantages of Tableau. Without, a doubt, Tableau is the leader in the data viz space.  However,  there are some limitations […]

Join and Blend data in Tableau

Tableau provides both the option of blending and joining the data sources. But there are differences between blending in tableau and joining in Tableau. Objective: In this blog I am going mention when to use blending and joining. Also, I am going to explain how to join or blend the different data sources. Quick Note to […]

Mcdonalds Menu Calorie Burn Calculator

Use the calorie burn calculator below to estimate how much time is required to burn off the calories of various Mcdonald’s items in relation to a specific exercise. Other Visualizations How I built this visualization. The data was sourced from Kaggle Dataset. The exercise calorie burn rate information was sourced from the United States department […]

Tableau Desktop vs Tableau Public vs Tableau Reader vs Tableau Server

So What’s the Difference? Many people are often confused by the different software options that Tableau offers. Essentially there are three tiers in the software options. Each having an increasing layer of of features which are also related to price. Additionally, your intention will also govern what software version you should incorporate into your analysis […]

Simpsons: Quality and Viewership Decline Trend

Like a very large segment of the world in the late 80s and early 90s. I was completely obsessed with the Simpsons. Every week, I would wait eagerly for each episodes to be release on FOX. I even bought the video games and other merchandise.  But over time, the episodes became repetitive and less edgy. […]

Tableau Calculated Field

A calculated field allows you to do two major functions: Create a New Field based on existing Measures and Dimensions  Alter an Existing Field What is a calculated field in Tableau I think it’s only fitting to establish exactly what a field is. A field comprises the the dimension and metrics that are part of […]

The Best Courses to Learn Tableau

The Best Courses to Master Tableau Visualisations and Data MiningTableau can be a very tricky tool if you don’t have some experience with BI tools like Excel. However, there are tons of good courses that will allow you quickly adopt the skills need to become a Tableau Master. Here are the best course to learn […]