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UFO Sightings From 1910 to 2014 in United States

UFOs can be identified as any object that escapes classification  and seen trans-versing through the sky in a flying motion. National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) has been keeping records of these sightings since 1910. Evaluate the Data Visualization to see how sightings have evolved over time.   How this viz was made: Map Visualization 1. […]

Differences in Video Game Meta Critic and Users Scores

This data set is one of my favorites. Being a big fan of video games, I am always eager to explore data centered around the industry I wanted to analyze data around average critic and user scores from MetaCritic. There is often a great dependency in the numbers. So, this interactive dashboard allows you to […]

Global Video Game Sales and Meta Critic Scores

Take a Look At Mario Vs Zelda Visualization This data is sourced from VGchartz and MetaCritc. The data is segment global in Japanese, European Union, and North American. This is sales data in the millions from VGchartz. There were a few answers that I wanted to answer using the data set. Global video games hit […]

Gender Income Gap Data from The Bureau of Labor Statistics

The data was sourced from the open data from Bureau of Labor and Statistics. The data can be found at The data can be downloaded in the form of CSV. This data was then imported into Tableau to visualize the data. Just a note on the this analysis. This is pure data presented in Tableau […]

Connect Tableau to Excel 101

Connecting Tableau to Excel is an easy step process. You will need to create a new data source and choose Excel worbook in question. Follow the steps below: Open Tableau Click the Connect the Data link in the top right corner of the Data Pane. The Connect window will open, choose Excel.  Navigate to the […]

Chicago Crimes 2015 vs 2016 Data Visualization

Crime in Chicago has soared while other metropolitan cities have seen a major decline. To be exact, most crime in Chicago has not seen any major increases except for homicide. Homicides in Chicago in the first 8 months of the year have already soared beyond the sum of homicides in 2016. This begs the question […]

Interactive Google Analytics Dashboards with Tableau 10

Visualizing your data is one of the quickest ways to discover insights and communicate complexities. Google Analytics Dashboards provide you with everything you need to highlight performance trends. However, the user experience and visuals aren’t that great. Using Tableau allows you to connect to the Google Analytics Database and overcome these shortcomings. The data can […]

Tableau Dimensions and Measures 101

Tableau allows you to create amazing data visualizations using continuous and discrete variables. Otherwise known and columns and rows or dimensions and measures. We want to use these to define what you are measuring and how to measure it. For example, if I wanted to measure the website visits from different channels, your dimensions would […]

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